Go Green at Camp

Go GreenCamp Barnard is fully committed to being Green in every way. An extensive and fully functioning recycling shed is located between the main parking area and the Ranger’s House and each building in camp is supplied with numerous recycling containers. Please follow the posted guidelines and ensure that all recycling is placed in the correct bins in the shed.


Most building lights, heat, and taps are on timers or motion sensors, please do your best to keep energy and water usage to a minimum. Recycle paper towel in the washrooms.


Where possible please unpackage food items at home to minimize the amount of packaging that needs to be disposed of at camp.


Each kitchen has green compost buckets for food scraps.  Please advise cooks.  All campers are expected to sort food waste from regular garbage and empty buckets into Food Waste bin in the recycling shed.  Please put fat in the garbage not in the compost. 


Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.