Health and Safety

  • Camp Barnard Health and SafetyTrees, shrubs, creeks or the lake should never be used as a toilet.

  • Keep kitchen facilities in the front and back country away from water courses and separate from sleeping areas.

  • Properly store food, dispose of garbage, and grey water to deter wildlife.

  • Encourage frequent hand washing for all campers and provide wash facilities when camping in the front and back country.

  • Frequently check campers for dehydration, weather related illnesses, and any other emotional or physical concerns. Address immediately.

  • To preserve undergrowth, walk on trails and park in designated areas.

  • Respect and leave alone the animals that call camp home.

  • Fires must be in designated fire pit areas only. Do not create new fire pits. Do not leave fires burning unattended; ensure they are fully extinguished after use. A bucket of sand or water must be available for fire extinguishing. Keep fire size manageable and obey fire bans.

  • Be bear aware… and all other potentially dangerous creatures. Camp Barnard is a wilderness camp with all the associated wild animals.