Q: Can anyone use Camp Barnard?

A:  Scout Groups get priority use of Camp Barnard, however, we also welcome 3rd party non-Scouting groups as long as they are able to provide the following:

  1. A signed Organizational Hold Harmless Agreement .

  2. A Certificate of Insurance naming Scouts Canada as additional insured.The minimum coverage amount required is $2million.  Organizations can get this from their insurer at no cost; private groups such as family reunions, will need to purchase event insurance.

  3. A completed Camp Barnard registration form.

  4. A signed copy of Camp Barnard's Rules and Regulations (form here).

Q: Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

A: Yes you do! Our sleeping cabins are equipped with canvas bunks but no blankets or mattresses. If you have booked the lodges you will be sleeping on the floor so bring an underpad. Tenters will know what they need.  

Q: Do I need to bring dishes?

A: Yes-each camper should bring their own plate, bowl, mug and cutlery-preferably in a net bag so that dishes can be washed and hung to dry.  Kitchens are fully equipped with cooking needs. 

Q: Why do local (Victoria Area) Scout Groups pay lower rates to use Camp Barnard?

A:  Groups in the GVA participate in numerous fundraisers that help to subsidize the costs of operating Camp Barnard. They also participate in work parties and do many significant Camp Good Turns.  Their lower rates reflect their efforts on behalf of Camp Barnard.