Sponsors and Supporters

Camp Barnard wishes to thank our Sponsors. Please join us in supporting the amazing community minded organizations.


Thank you again to Peninsula Co-op who has been a regular sponsor of the Barnard Club Breakfast and I Care 'Bout Camp fundraisers.

Bottle Depot

Bottle Depot has been a strong supporter of Camp Barnard both as a monthly directed charity for their drop off bins and as a major sponsor of the 2019 Barnard Club Breakfast.


Times Colonist was a vital supporter for the Barnard Club Breakfast and the I Care 'Bout Camp fundraising campaign.

C Tire

View Royal Canadian Tire has been an exceptional supporter of Camp Barnard. For the past 12 years allowing Christmas Tree sales in their garden centre has help us raise over $90,000 and during COVID-19 allowing us to host monthly bottle drives in their parking lot.


Corix Golf for Kids has provided funding to replace all the canoes at Camp Barnard!

Crease Harman LLP is an annual supporter of the Barnard Club Breakfast Fundraiser.